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Video - Practical Help

Video Transcript:

Use the technology built into the Productivity3000 programmable controller to make your job easier.

The Productivity3000 offers expert help at every turn, to keep you productive and moving forward on your automation project.
50Mb of user memory ensures that all of your documentation is stored on the CPU. Now any PC or laptop that connects to the CPU has access to all the project documentation! This can be pretty important at 1 a.m., when the equipment or process is down and you’re the one that has to decipher the program, figure out what’s wrong, AND fix it.

Your project documentation includes the tagname database and several types of user provided comments throughout your project,
Because this is a tagname-based controller as opposed to a fixed address controller, all of your memory locations can have a unique and descriptive name up to 32 characters long. Carefully crafted tag names that use proper naming conventions can be an indispensable component of your project documentation.

Within the context of the program, you have multiple tools to help you document your project: Rung Comments allow you to create very detailed descriptions of a particular rung or segment of your ladder logic.  Instruction comments give you a different method that attaches a comment not to a specific tagname or rung, but specifically to an individual instruction.  This is a local comment that is unique to that instance of that instruction in your code. The Task Properties dialog gives you the option to add a comment that describes an individual task and is intended to help you document the purpose of a task or section of your project.  And finally, within the Tagname Database you have the option to populate columns for “Wiring labels” and “Comments” that are specific to the tagnames within the Tagname database.

The very comprehensive HTML-based help file gives you access to all the assistance you need, when you need it.  It covers all instructions with detailed definitions and application examples.  Find the help you need on a specific topic quickly, and read only what’s relevant to you at that time. The nature of the HTML-based help even allows direct links to online manuals and other support documentation when appropriate.

You can browse the actual help files here.

While we strive to produce the best possible help file in the industry, we also know that improvement is always possible. If you have any ideas for improvements, please let our documentation team know. There is a Feedback button located in the top-right corner of every help page. When selected, this Feedback feature allows you to send us feedback or comments about the Help File, and lets our documentation team know exactly which page you were visiting. This is a quick and easy way to send feedback, suggestions, or to notify us of other issues with the Help File.

All printed documentation can be downloaded for FREE from our web site, and many of our manuals are available for purchase if you would prefer a hard copy. Product inserts are included with every I/O module to ensure proper installation and wiring.

Comprehensive documentation and practical help are keys to true productivity.

Our equation is simple: Performance + Value = Productivity