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Video - More Communications

Video Transcript:

Use the technology built into the Productivity3000 programmable controller to make your job easier.

Industry-leading communications capability connects your system to a wide range of I/O devices as well as to the outside world.

The seven built-in communications ports on the P3-550 CPU are unmatched by any PLC or PAC on the market.  You shouldn't have to spend extra money or take up a valuable I/O slot for each communication port needed to solve your application.   

The CPU has two Ethernet ports, three USB ports, and two serial communications ports,.

  • Two 10/100MHz Ethernet ports:
  • Three USB communication ports:
    • One USB A for Local I/O Expansion
    • One USB A for data logging and program transfer
    • One USB B for Plug and Play programming
  •  Two serial communications ports
    • One RS-232 (RJ12)
    • One RS-485 ( 3-wire terminal block)

For programming and monitoring the Productivity3000, you can choose an off-the-shelf cable for your preferred hardware connection: either (Plug and Play) USB or Ethernet. The USB port is easiest for getting a single system up and running; you can program multiple controllers over the Ethernet network.

For I/O, the Local Expansion USB Port and the Remote I/O Ethernet Port are both integrated into the P3-550 CPU - saving you space in your base rack AND saving you money on your system  - because no additional modules are required in the base rack for any I/O expansion you might need (up to 115,000 I/O points possible). Add up to four additional local I/O racks, and up to 32 remote I/O drops. Drive-intensive applications are a snap - connect up to 64 GS or DuraPulse AC drives to the Ethernet remote I/O network.

The Built-in TCP/IP Ethernet port puts the Productivity3000 on your factory network.  Connect to all your Modbus TCP enabled devices, such as other controllers and PCs.  Need HMI? We’ve connected up to 32 C-more HMI panels to a single Productivity3000 with flawless data exchange. 

One RS-232 and one RS-485 port support serial Modbus RTU (master/slave) and ASCII communication protocols to connect to other controllers or peripheral devices such as bar code scanners and LED message boards.  Try our C-more Micro graphic panel for an ultra-low-cost HMI solution (starting at $Call).

The serial ports also support a Custom Protocol instruction you can use to communicate with proprietary or other non-standard devices that have their own protocols.

The built-in USB data port lets you log data to a removable USB drive with the integrated “Data Logger” dialog box. This port also supports program transfers to or from the CPU without a PC present – great for remotely located systems.

Built-in Email capability gives you the ability to send emails based on conditions in your machine or process.  This does require a local SMTP gateway – usually another PC on your factory network - but don’t worry, we’ve got instructions and third party software recommendations for setting up the gateway on our support site. You can send SMS messages the same way.

The Productivity3000 even includes a specific Instruction for seamless database connectivity.  The dedicated DataWorx Request instruction offers fill-in-the-blank simplicity – and gets your data flowing to and from the server easily.  The ProductivitySuite programming software even comes with a trial version of DataWorx P3K:  the data exchange software that runs on your server.  It’s fully functional for your testing, but will disconnect after 30 minutes. DataWorx P3K licenses start at $Call.

Powerful communications capabilities integrate the Productivity3000 into your factory environment at an outstanding value.

Our equation is simple: Performance + Value = Productivity!