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Video - PID Loops Explained (Parts 1 -11)
This in-depth series covers PID loops in detail. Segments include: What is a PID loop? How does a PID loop work? Application Examples, Hardware Configuration, Math, Scaling, Programming, Tuning, Demonstration, and more.
[To watch the next part in-order, simply click the on-screen link at the end of the each part]
The complete 11 part series (YouTube playlist) for PID Programming with the Productivity3000 can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA60E57F429ED0CBD
Download the PLC program used in this video series: Productivity3000 - PID Demo Project

Download the C-more Touch Panel Project: C-more Touch Panel - PID Demo Project

Download the slides here:  Productivity3000 - PID Loop Programming Parts 1-11 (VID_L_PC_P3K_005-Programming)

Video Transcript Coming Soon