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customer feedback
NOTE: If you have a technical question or need support -
PLEASE CONTACT TECH SUPPORT. Questions posted to this site,
or sent to the e-mail below may not recieve a timely response.
There are several ways to provide feedback for the Productivity3000 product line.
Page Level Comments
There is a commnet feature at the bottom of many of the pages on this website. Please leave any comments you wish about that individual features in those areas. Also, if you have ideas about how we can improve that particular webpage - this would be a great place to let us know. Please do not post questions, or expect to get answers to technical support issues here. There are many ways to access our award winning tech support, but questions posted as page comments will probably not recieve a timely response.
Help us improve the Help Files
The Productivity3000 help files are available online here. While we strive to produce the best possible help file in the industry, we also know that improvement is always possible. If you have any ideas for improvements, please let our documentation team know. There is a Feedback button located in the top-right corner of every help page. When selected, the Feedback feature allows you to send us feedback or comments about the Help File, and lets our documentation team know exactly which page you were visiting. This is a quick and easy way to send us feedback, suggestions, or to notify us of other issues with the Help File.
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Leave general comments about the Productivity3000 here: