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User Interface (Main Menu, Toolbars, and Status Bar)
Shown below are the main components of the Productivity Suite user interface. For detailed descriptions, please download the free software, complete with the comprehensive help files.
The Productivity Suite Main Menu is shown below (mouse over a menu item to see the associated drop down menu).
Main Menu
The Productivity Suite Toolbars are shown below (mouse over the toolbars for the name of each tool).
Main Toolbar:
Main Toolbar
Layout Toolbar:
Layout Toolbar
Compile & Transfer Toolbar:
Compile & Transfer Toolbar
Control PAC Toolbar:
Debug Toolbar:
Setup Toolbar:
Program Toolbar:
Monitor Toolbar:
New Project Open Project Save Project Print Cut Copy Paste Undo Redo Search Unlock Layout Show Desktop Compile Project Transfer Project to PAC Offline: Disconnects from the PAC Online: Connects to the currently selected PAC Choose PAC: Allows selection of PAC from list of available PACs Run: Changes mode of PAC to Run Stop: Changes mode of PAC to Stop Debug: Changes mode of PAC to Debug Excecute Outputs Single Step Run 1 Scan Run to Break Point Stop Show all Breakpoints Clear all Breakpoints Go to Current Rung Hardware Config Security Accounts Set PAC Time/Date Tag Database I/O Overview Rung Comments Tag Cross Reference Data View Data Logger PID Tuning Bit Histogram Word Histogram PAC Error History PAC Event History
The Productivity Suite Status Bar is shown below (mouse over the Status Bar for more details).
Status Bar
User: Displays 'Secured' or 'No Security' for the User Security Setup of the Task selected in the Ladder Editor. Task: Displays the name of the Task displayed in the Ladder Editor. Rung: Displays the Rung number where the Cursor Box is located in the Ladder Editor. Column: Displays the Column number where the Cursor Box is located in the Ladder Editor. PAC: Displays 'Offline' when not connected to PAC. When connected with PAC (Online), the User Assigned PAC Name is provided. See the Choose PAC topic to assign a name to the PAC. Project File Status: Displays 'Saved' or 'Not Saved' file status. PAC Project Status: Only available when Online with PAC. Displays 'Up to Date' or 'Out of Date' project status. Out of Date means current project has not been transferred to PAC Run Time Transfer: Only available when Online with PAC. Displays 'Available' or 'Unavailable' status.