DirectLOGIC PLCs: The most practical PLCs in the industry.

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Koyo's DirectLOGIC programmable controller products, supplied through AutomationDirect, range from nano-sized fixed I/O units to modular systems with thousands of I/O. From simple machine sequencing to process control, you will find a quality programmable controller to suit your application at a fraction of the cost typically charged by our competitors.

DirectLOGIC PLC prices start at $99.00 (D0-05DD)

Our goal is to offer the best PLC prices in the market.

DL05 Micro PLC

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dl05 photoOur smallest PLC offers six I/O combinations of AC, DC, and relay I/O, and advanced programming functions such as PID and drum sequencing.

The DL05 also features:

DL06 Micro Modular PLC

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dl06 photo
Our first micro PLC to combine fixed I/O of 20 inputs and 16 outputs with four option card slots for expansion (discrete, analog, communication modules), all in the same package. With the DL06, you can use the same PLC panel layout for all applications from 36 to 100 I/O.

DL06 features include:

DL105 Fixed I/O (brick) PLC

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The DL105 series is a fixed-I/O micro PLC with 10 inputs and eight outputs. Eight configurations are available in combinations of AC, DC, and relay I/O, as well as AC and DC power supplies.

The DL105 features:

DL205 Modular PLC

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dl205 photo
If your application requires the flexibility of a modular control system, a DL205 PLC is the lowest cost, most versatile solution you'll find. In fact, all you need to do is pick out a CPU, plug it in the first slot of the base you choose, and then mix and match various modules into the available slots.

The DL205 features:

DL305 Legacy PLC

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dl305 photo
This PLC design has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 20 years. It has masqueraded as the General Electric Series One®, the Texas Instruments Series 305®, and the Siemens SIMATIC TI305®.

DL305 PLC features include:

DL405 Specialty PLC

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dl405 photo
This product line has the widest variety of I/O modules and configurations of all our PLCs. You can build a control system with local/ distributed I/O of up to 3,500 points. Use the built-in PID instruction or specialty modules to perform cost-effective process control. Three CPUs from 6.5 K memory with 1,152 I/O to 30.8 K memory with 3,584 possible I/O, with built-in power supply are offered.

The DL405 PLC also features:


PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) control: Control algorithm that is used to closely control processes such as temperature, mixture, position, and velocity. The proportional portion takes care of the magnitude of the error. The derivative compensates for the rate of error change. The integral takes care of small errors over time.