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Do-more™ PLC: Video - Serial Ports

Video Transcript:

Setting up External Serial ports is easy on a Do-more enabled 205 base. Just go to the PLC >> System Configuration, Module Configuration(s) This lists all the modules currently plugged into our base. We only have one so we'll select that and edit it.

Let's give it a name – This will be our "Aux Serial" – and we're going to plug our control panel into port 1 so let's call that "C_More_Micro" since that is the panel we'll be using. He'll be serving as an RTU Sever so we'll apply that. And then we need to check our device settings.

Let's see … that C-More Micro runs at 9600 baud, so we need to fix that and everything else looks ok. We need to make sure this address matches that of the C-more Micro and "1" is the right address.

So we are good to go there, good to go here. And click OK. We get a little warning -= these changes can't take effect until we are in program mode and we download it to the Do-more processor. We're good to go there so we'll go ahead.

That's it we're done. That's all there is to setting up the external serial port. Let's try it and make sure it works.

The C-More Micro control panel is plugged into port A of my external serial port module here and it is all powered up. When I press the graphical buttons on the C-More Micro Panel, I can see the reaction here in the Do-more.

When that lit up, it lit up this very quickly - which is C203 – which C203 is right here which ran this routine which is now done. So our external serial port is working exactly as expected.

Now this business I have going on right here is to emphasize a point.

Remember that on the DoMore… Modbus devices CANNOT modify any system resources – they can't directly modify any of these memory blocks for example - they can only modify this protocol section, Modbus server, these four blocks memory right here. These are dedicated to all Modbus commands.

That's a great security feature because now you control all of the information that comes and goes via Modbus and can validate it before it has an impact on your system. That's why we had this Modbus bit NOT directly enabling this routine – this rung is meant to be a place holder/reminder for us to add security checks in the future. Could the Modbus command have directly driven this routine? Sure.

If you want to see how to setup the C-More Micro to talk to the DoMore – go to There are lots of videos there that will show you how.
Using external serial ports is a new powerful feature with the DoMore – you couldn't simply add extra serial ports on a 205 rack before – now with the DoMore it's easy to add as many serial ports as you need!

We'll, That's all there is to setting up the DoMore to work with an HMI. Be sure to check out the other videos in this series to get the most out of the DoMore processor. And as always, please send us any topics you would like to see covered – or - any other comments for that matter – we appreciate the feedback!

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