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Do-more™ PLC: Video - Helpful Hints

Video Transcript:

In this video we'll cover some shortcuts and helpful hints that will make your life easier and help you get up and running quickly.

When entering ladder logic, just hit RETURN to insert a new blank line and start typing . CTRL + W will complete the line to the end of the rung.

If you change your mind on the type of contact, instead of starting over just hit forward slash to cycle through the variants. Using a forward slash on the comparison operations cycles through all of the possibilities so you don't have to cancel what you are doing and start over.

To select a rung – just hold down the SHIFT Key and then press the UP or DOWN arrow keys to select the rungs. Now you can delete or cut copy and paste these rungs anywhere you want.

CTRL SHIFT HOME selects all rungs between here and the beginning and CTRL SHIFT END selects all rungs between here and the end.

CTRL with the Arrow keys draws wires – So if I hold down the CTRL key and press the Down Arrow, Right Arrow – do whatever I want.

If you add a SHIFT KEY to that – if I hold down CRTL Shift – I can erase wires.

To INSERT a rung, row or column, just press the INSERT key and up pops a menu that says what do you want to do? Well, we want to inert a rung, after the cursor, and how many? Let's insert 10. And there we go – we have 10 rungs to the next section of our program. You can also right click to get to the same thing. Insert row, column, rung.

Of course, Right Clicking gets you access to all of your frequently used items and is context sensitive to the region you click in. For example, if I click in the Data view, I get items that are pertinent to that, click in the ladder region, I get items that are pertinent to that. Click in the system region – you get the idea.

Remember the Do-more Designer ALWAYS assumes DECIMAL. BUT, you can type in any format you want – Hex is "0x", Octal is anything that begins with a zero, and you can even specify real numbers and exponentials.

Remember that you have to enable editing to change things – if you see your cursor hollow like this, you are not in edit mode. Click on the Edit button here or here to get a solid cursor and you are ready to start editing. If the Edit Mode is not on, all of the commands will be dimmed out.

Keep an eye on this dot in the upper right hand corner of the dialog boxes. If it is green, that means everything is good to go. For example, if I put a formula in this Math Box, Let's take the square root of D0 times D1. There's a red dot in the upper right corner telling me something is wrong and there's a red dot on this line telling me this is where the issue is. Of course, I forgot my parenthesis. As soon as I type that, the dots turn green and I am good to go.

Memory is completely re-configurable in the Do-more. All you have to do is say: Memory Configuration and pick the memory block you want to modify. Let's see – it looks like we have 2048 control bits available to us. Suppose we need more. Just highlight that. Edit the Memory block. Say you want 4096 control bits. And say ok. Now you have just allocated 4096 control bits and they are ready to use. You can do that with any memory block in the entire system and note that you can specify it as retentive or not – that is, will it survive power cycling or not. Nothing retentive, it won't survive. Entire Block. Or you can just specify a portion of the block to be retentive on power cycling.

There are lots of little goodies in the DoMore Designer – hopefully these will give you a head start!

Be sure to check out the other videos in this series for more ways to get up and running quickly with the DoMore PLC. And as always, please send us any topics you would like to see covered – or - any other comments for that matter – we appreciate the feedback!

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