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Do-more™ PLC: How to Update the Firmware

Video Transcript:

When you start Do-more Designer, it automatically checks for software and firmware updates, assuming you are connected to the internet, of course. Here I see that the firmware on my processor needs to be updated. So I hit Download and we get this dialog telling us we're about to download the latest firmware to the images directory. So we'll do that, and we now have that firmware on the local PC.

If you need to manually check for updates, just go Help, Check for Updates. We don't need to do that right now because we just did it.

Keep in mind – we only downloaded the updates to this computer. We haven't transferred them to the PLC yet.
To do that, we need to make sure we are connected to a processor. So I'm just going to open an existing project, and connect to the PLC here on the desk.

Now that we are connected, all we have to do is hit the System Information Button.

We are interested in this portion of the dialog right here – I'm looking for asterisks.

I see an asterisk on the firmware OS right here. That tells me the processor has a different OS than the one I just downloaded.

So I hit UPDATE. There's that file we just downloaded, and I hit Update.

Are we sure we want to do this? Yep.

On my computer this takes about a minute so I'll fast forward through this part.

It's normal to see these Com Errors down here at the bottom, don't worry about that. As long as you get this system complete dialog, everything is good to go.

Note that the Asterisks are now cleared and our OS is up to date!

Check out the Help in this dialog to get more details on Firmware updates.

One side note: Suppose your Computer is NOT connected to the internet. How do you do updates now? Easy, you can always grab the latest software updates for FREE directly from the AutomationDirect website. Install that on a computer that IS connected to the internet and use it to fetch the updated files. You'll find the firmware updates in this folder: Do-more Designer, Bin, Images. Pick the module you are working with – I'm working with the processor. These are all of the images the processor needs to be updated with. Simply copy those files, take them over to the computer that is not on the internet, drop 'em in the exact same folder, and then go through the normal update process where you click on system info, and look for the asterisks.

Be sure to check out the other videos in this series for more ways to get up and running quickly with the Do-more PLC and Do-more Designer.

And as always, send us any suggestions or comments you may have – we appreciate the feedback.

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