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Do-more™ PLC: Security

Security for your Code

Use code block password protection to allow customers to see enough of the program to allow basic troubleshooting, while keeping your proprietary code blocks hidden and secure.

Debug View

Protocol-specific Memory

Do-more controllers allow access by external devices that are using Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU, and KSequence protocols. The controllers only allow these external devices access to protocol-specific blocks of memory, they cannot access any of the other memory blocks or directly access the I/O modules in the system.

Write Protect the Operating System

One of the onboard DIP switches can be used to prevent firmware updates.

Lock-Out After Failed Login Attempts

A Do-more controller will refuse requests to open online sessions after 10 failed login attempts in a 2 minute window.


Security for your Organization

Do-More Designer offers versatile password protection. Define multiple users, assigning combinations of privileges from the available options.

By creating multiple accounts, each with different levels of access, you can efficiently control not only who has access to the controller, but also what each of those users can and cannot do with to the resources in the controller.

Do-more Password Configuration Window

Session-based Communication

Many Do-more controllers are installed on networks that have varying degrees of isolation. The Do-more Designer programming software uses 'communication sessions' any time that the software is online with the controller to restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Communication sessions are always established with a unique ID, and all communication packets must contain that ID. Any packets received without that ID are discarded by the controller. This prevents unauthorized access of the controller, and also prevents other computers on the network from accidentally accessing the wrong controller.

Session-based communication also uses a time-out system that will terminate a session after a period of time with no communication between the programming software and the controller. The session must be re-established before communication can continue.


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