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Do-more™ PLC: Intuitive Project Management

All project files are stored on board the CPU - no more searching for the old laptop with the most recent copy of the program before you can fix your machine!

You can also store your own files with the disk-based version of the project to aid future improvement or troubleshooting efforts. Store PDF, HTML or virtually any file format (up to 10Mb) that you want to keep with the project for reference, or information to assist your coworkers or customers whenever they open the project.

The Project Browser window (right) makes it easy to select the code block you want to view or edit. System tasks are predefined for many common actions. Jump directly to any part of your code with just a few clicks.

The Do-more Designer software even supports "restore points", which are basically previous versions of your program that you saved at known good operation. It's nice to know that you can easily "roll back" your project if your development goes awry.

Do-more Project Browser Window


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