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Do-more™ PLC: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

Suspend Programs

Tasks and Programs can be suspended to isolate code; stages can be enabled or disabled.

Debug View


Trend Data

Watch a video about Trend View

View Trend Data in its own view and within specific ladder instructions like PID, RAMPSOAK, and ALHILO (High/Low Alarm).

PID Instruction

PID View

The PID Monitoring window allows precise tuning of your PID loops.

PID View

Data View

Watch a video about Data View

Use the Data View to monitor and change the value of selected memory locations in the Do-more controller.

Monitor Program Status Bits for behind-the-scenes visibility into PLC internal operations.

Multiple data views can be open at the same time, each viewing the same or different memory locations, in the same or a different format (Native, Binary, Octal, BCD/ Hex, etc.).

Data View capabilities include:

  • Name the data view (See title bar)
  • Use Data View to monitor:
    • Control Bits
    • Memory locations
    • Program Code block flags
    • Program Code block stage bits
  • Save the data view for re-use later
  • Enable/disable editing of data view elements
  • Change number format of each element.
  • Export all or a portion of the data view to CSV format

PID Instruction


Turn on the Do-more Logger and receive custom error messages via the Network Message Viewer (a free Do-more Designer utility that runs on your PC).


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