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Do-more™ PLC: Precise Memory Management Capabilities

Data Typing

Strong data typing keeps your data organized and protected. Data structures automatically put the important details at your fingertips.

Do-more can be as flexible as you need. You can define and allocate all that data memory the way you want it up to specific maximums (no more rigid, predefined blocks of wasted space!).

The Memory Configuration dialog also allows you to modify the existing configuration by:

  • Creating additional memory blocks and heap items
  • Editing the size of the memory blocks and heap items
  • Changing the retentive memory settings of the memory blocks and heap items
  • Deleting unused memory blocks or heap items

Memory Blocks

Memory Blocks and Heap Items are created and used as needed in a Do-more Designer project. Need an array of "V memory"? Visit this System Configuration page to create that array and make it exactly the size you need.

Heap Items

What is a heap item? Heap Items are created automatically for you when any instruction that requires a memory structure is added to your program code. Heap items are never preallocated, in order to save space in your Do-more project.

PID View

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