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PEERLINK for Ethernet

The PEERLINK instruction makes it very easy to share data over Ethernet between Do-more CPUs, with transparent data sharing in a designated memory area.

Serial ports for less than $60 each!

Do-more supports the H2-SERIO and H2-SERIO-4 modules for easy, cost-effective addition of serial ports. Both the H2-SERIO and the H2-SERIO-4 provide 3 additional ports and are a bargain at $Call.

Enhanced Security

Do-more offers more security in communications - Modbus and DirectLOGIC transactions reference reserved "Guest Memory" (Modbus and DL memory) so there is no direct access to your I/O image registers from other devices.

Custom protocol instruction...

...makes it possible to "talk" to almost any device by letting you define any non-standard data exchange (serial or Ethernet)!

Name your devices!

"Device abstraction" makes it easy to connect external devices - give then logical names and then refer to those names throughout your program code for ease and clarity. Check out the names used below to identify an HMI and two servo axes on a conveyor system.


Communications diagram - serial ports

All Communication instructions can either:

       • Set a flag    OR    • Jump to Stage

"on success" or "on error". This can really simplify your code!

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Communications diagram - serial ports

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