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Do-more™ Designer: Auto-discovery of Option Modules

Local I/O is Automatically Configured.

Simply connect to your PLC, and visit the I/O Configuration window for full Auto-Discovery of modules in your local base.

PID View

Manual Configuration

Manual configuration of your Do-more option modules is also possible, and offers one very interesting possibility...

The 'Optional' Module

If the I/O Master's Configuration Mode is set to "manual", you can mark a module as Optional - meaning that it will not be considered when the I/O configuration is read from the system during a Program-mode to Run-mode transition (i.e. you won't get any errors if the module is missing).

Here's the best part: you can then use the HWINFO (Get Hardware Information) instruction to detect the presence of I/O modules marked as 'Optional' as a way to programmatically control optional execution schemes.

Note: I/O modules that are configured as optional will be marked with the word "*Optional*" in yellow on the graphical view in the I/O Configuration window.

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