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Do-more™ PLC: T1H CPUs

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Do-more Programmable Logic Controller - T1H CPUs

The Do-more T1H series CPUs are the new "brains" for the time-tested Terminator Field I/O hardware. The chip set inside includes the exact same processor as is used in the Do-more H2 series. The feature set for these CPUs is identical. Your ladder code is even portable between the two hardware platforms.

Both CPUs Offer:

  • Over 1Mb total memory
  • Program/monitor/debug over any embedded communication port.
  • Support for up to 256 I/O locally and thousands more with optional Ethernet remote expansion racks.
  • Power supply modules are available for AC or DC power input. Add additional power supplies in-line with Terminator I/O modules as needed to power the modules AND to supply isolated 24 VDC power for field devices.
  • 28 Terminator option analog and high-speed counter modules are available, from discrete and analog to high-speed counting

NOTE: Note: Do-more CPUs are programmed with the new Do-more Designer software. DirectSOFT, and ladder programs developed with DirectSOFT, are not compatible with these CPUs

2000 PID Loops with Auto-tuning

The Do-more H2 CPUs can process up to 2000 PID loops directly in the CPU. You can select from various control modes including automatic, manual, and cascade control. There are also a wide variety of alarms including Process Variable, Rate of Change, and Deviation. The loop operation parameters (Process Variable, Setpoint, Setpoint Limits, etc.) are stored in V-memory, which allows easy access from operator interfaces or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Setup is accomplished with easy-to-use setup menus and monitoring views in the Do-more Designer PLC programming software. The auto tuning feature is easy to use and can reduce setup and maintenance time. The CPU uses the auto tuning feature to automatically determine near optimum loop settings.

Optimized Instruction Set

The Do-More instruction set was developed by listening to our customers' needs and requests, with flexibility and ease of use as our goals. Download the free software today and take a look at these powerful and easy-to-use instructions.

True Bumpless Run-time Editing

Do-more Designer can download a new version of your code into the Do-more CPU and seamlessly switch to it at the beginning of the very next scan. There is no need for any pause (however brief) that can wreak havoc on the operation of your machine or process.

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There are two Do-more T1H CPUs:

T1H-DM1T1H-DM1 [$Call]

  • (1) USB programming port
  • (1) Full-duplex serial port

[specs PDF]

T1H-DM1ET1H-DM1E [$Call]

  • (1) USB programming port
  • (1) Full-duplex serial port
  • (1) Ethernet Port

[specs PDF]

Fast Scan Time

The Do-more CPUs are lightning fast (executing a 1k Boolean program in just 0.2ms) about 20x faster than the DL205 processors.

Free online training!

Both T1H CPUs includes a coupon for a 30-day free trial of online training from Interconnecting Automation (the official training partner of AutomationDirect). You'll get full, unlimited access to all the training videos free for 30 days.

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