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Do-more™ PLC: AC I/O Modules

The modules shown below are for Do-more H2 series. For T1H series click here.

Several bases & modules are available for the DL205 | Download DL205 Specs (pdf - 29.2 MB)

  • F2-08TAF2-08TA [$Call] - 8 point 18-220 VAC high current output module, 2 commons (isolated), 1.5A/point, 4.0A/common, removable terminal
    [specs PDF]

12-point modules

  • D2-12TAD2-12TA [$Call] - 12 point 18-110 VAC output module 2 commons (isolated), 0.3A/point, 1.8A/common, replaceable fuse, European type removable terminal
    [specs PDF]

16-point modules



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