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Do-more™ PLC: High-speed Inputs

High-Speed I/O Modules

Do-more support the H2-CTRIO [$Call] (with four 20-100kHz inputs) & H2-CTRIO2 [$Call] High-Speed I/O modules (with four 20-250 kHz inputs). These inputs support:

  • Counter
  • Quad Counter
  • Pulse Catch
  • Edge Timer
  • Dual Edge Timer

These modules also support a number of Motion Control functions via high-speed output channels. Although not all input and output functions can be used simultaneously.

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High Speed Timing

The CTRIO and CTRIO2 modules can be configured for timing functions based on both count or rate. Using a common configuration of a proximity switch sensing the teeth on a gear, the module is able to calculate the velocity of the gear based on the rate at which it receives counts. This value can be scaled within the module to the engineering units required for the application.

High Speed Timing


High Speed Counting

High Speed Counting

The CTRIO and CTRIO2 modules can be configured for counting functions via the use of an encoder input. Up to two quadrature encoders per CTRIO or CTRIO2 module are available with connections for external reset, capture and inhibit signals. In a simple cut-to-length application as shown below, the encoder provides an input position reference for the material to the module. The module's high-speed outputs are wired to the cutting device and to the clutch and/or braking device. When the count from the encoder is equal to a pre-programmed setpoint within the module, the high-speed outputs are activated to stop and cut the material to a repeatable fixed length. Additionally, the clutch/brake signal can be used as an inhibit signal so counts are not accumulated while the material is being cut.

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