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Do-more™ PLC: Ethernet I/O Giant

Expand your I/O

Your local Do-more H2 system supports up to 8 slots with as many as 32 I/O points in each. And T1H Terminator CPUs support 16 I/O modules with 16 points each. Either way, you get up to 256 I/O points in the local system. If you need more, you can expand your system with up to 16 I/O Racks and/or GS Drives using Ethernet I/O. Each of those 16 racks can provide hundreds more I/O points. All Ethernet I/O racks are auto-discovered and appear as native I/O to the Do-more CPU.

Need to add more than 16 racks and/or drives? Add an H2-ERM100 in the base rack, and connect 16 more devices. The Do-more CPU can easily support thousands of I/O points in a single system.

Locate I/O anywhere

DL205 remote I/O bases can each be located up to 100 meters from the local base (or between Ethernet switches) using EBC100 slave modules in the CPU slot. And you have the flexibility of using Terminator rackless field I/O drops as well.


Connect the first 16 Remote Racks directly to the Do-more Ethernet-Enabled CPU...

...Need more than 16?

Connect another 16 Remote Racks to each EBC in the local rack:


H2-EBC100 [$Call]

  • Ethernet Base Controller for DL205 base, for connection to PLC Ethernet master or PC Ethernet network interface card. Supports:
    • 10/100Mb auto-detect
    • TCP/IP
    • UDP/IP
    • IPX
  • with Modbus TCP/IP application layer protocol

[specs PDF]

... or GS Drives (w/EDRV modules)

Learn more about connecting GS Drives here

Communications diagram - Ethernet I/O

Communications diagram - Ethernet I/O

Ethernet I/O Features

  • Native Addressing (X/Y, WX/WY tags)

  • Auto-Discovery of all attached I/O racks, modules and AC drives

  • Independently Adjustable poll rates for each I/O rack or GS drive (w/EDRV) - (0 ms = As Fast As Possible)

  • Configure 'critical' I/O so that the CPU will "drop out of run mode" if that I/O rack or GS drive disconnects for some reason.
    Or allow the CPU to continue running using the last known values or cleared values.
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