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Do-more™ PLC: Motion Control

High-Speed I/O Modules

Do-more support the H2-CTRIO [$Call] (with two 20-25 kHz outputs) & H2-CTRIO2 [$Call] High-Speed I/O modules (with two 20-250 kHz outputs). These outputs support:

  • Pulse train - used for servo/stepper motion control. Configurable for CW/CCW or step and direction.
  • Discrete outputs - assigned to Counter/Timer input functions
  • Raw output - outputs controlled directly from the CPU interface program
  • Programmable limit switch (H2-CTRIO2 only)

These modules also support a number of High Speed Input functions. Note that not all input and output functions can be used simultaneously.

Read more about the CTRIO Modules Here

Motion Control

There are many applications that require accurate motion control, whether it's precision position control or tight speed regulation. The Do-more PLC, using the high speed pulse output mode on the H2-CTRIO2 module, offers a superior control solution for closed loop motion control using SureServo servo systems, or super-low-cost open-loop control with SureStep stepping systems.

When coupled with our SureServo or SureStep motion products, the resulting system is extremely cost-effective. A Do-more-based motion control system is very well suited to applications such as:

  • Cut-to-length
  • Indexing tables or conveyors
  • and many more...

Indexing Table Example

High Speed Timing


SureStep Stepping Systems

High Speed Counting

The SureStep stepping family offers nine bipolar stepping motors with output torques ranging from 61 oz-in. to 1292 oz-in. and phase currents that range from 1.7A to 6.3 A. These motors can handle a wide range of automation applications such as woodworking, assembly, and test machines. Our square frame or high torque style stepping motors (with NEMA 17, 23, and 34 mounting flanges) are the latest technology, resulting in the best torque to volume ratio. A 20-foot extension cable with locking connector is a standard accessory to interface any of the stepping motors to one of our three microstepping drive models, and can be easily cut to length if desired.

Controlling SureStep from Do-more:

A pulse and direction signal from an H2-CTRIO or H2-CTRIO2 module in your Do-more PLC is the perfect method for controlling a SureStep system.

Read more about our SureStep Systems Here.


SureServo Servo Systems

High Speed Counting

The SureServo family of brushless servo systems from AUTOMATIONDIRECT is fully digital and offers a rich set of features at dynamite prices. Choose from eight standard servo motors that can be used in combination with one of three standard servo drives. These servos are designed for flexibility and quick implementation. SureServo drives accept a wide range of command sources:

  • Eight standard systems from 100W to 3kW
  • Drives feature on-board indexer and adaptive tuning modes
  • Free set-up software
  • 2 year warranty

Controlling SureServo from Do-more:

There are several ways to control a SureServo System from a Do-more PLC:

• Use discrete outputs from a Do-more PLC to select preset positions, velocities and torque values using the indexer built-in to each SureServo servo drive.

• Use a H2-SERIO or H2-SERIO-4 Serial Communication Module in the Do-more PLC to communicate position, velocity and torque information via the multi-drop Modbus serial interface on the SureServo Drive AND initiate the moves via that serial link or via discrete output signals.

• Use high-speed output channels on an H2-CTRIO or CTRIO2 module in a Do-more PLC to command position and velocity with "pulse and direction" or CW/CCW pulse format.

• Or consider a hybrid combination of those methods for specialized requirements.

SureServo Systems can also function as an 'Encoder follower' and can accept an analog (voltage) Velocity or Torque command signal

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