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Spend Less; Do More

Do-more™ PLC: 11 Ways You can Do More with this PLC!

The Do-more H2 series micromodular CPUs leverage the existing line of DL205 I/O modules and base units to create an incredibly powerful PLC at a fraction of the cost of comparable PLCs and PACs.
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Do-more Top 11 Reasons Diagram

1. Cost Effective Hardware

The Do-more H2 CPUs take advantage of the industry-proven DL205 series hardware with over 50 compatible I/O modules and 4 base sizes. And with our everyday list prices that are lowest in the industry, it's inexpensive to buy AND it's inexpensive to maintain down the road.

Read more about DL205 Modules and Bases.

2. All Documentation on Board

Do-more stores all your project documentation on the CPU, easily retrieved by any PC with the FREE Do-more Designer software installed. You can also store your own PDF, HTML or other format files with the disk-based version of the project to aid future improvement or troubleshooting efforts.

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3. This Communications Powerhouse includes built-in USB, serial, and (optional) Ethernet...

Both H2 series CPUs have a built-in serial and a USB programming ports; one version includes an Ethernet port. If you need more, Do-more can do that. Add Ethernet ports for $Call each, or serial ports - three for $Call. We've filled a rack with 25 serial ports and Do-More doesn't flinch. It supports custom protocols and lets you name all your devices for easy recognition throughout your program. Connect bar code readers, scales, servo drives, etc.

Watch a Video about Serial Ports

4. Practical Counting/Pulse

At $Call, the new high-speed counter module (H2-CTRIO2) has four independently configurable timer/counter channels (up to 250 kHz) and two pulse output generators (up to 250 kHz). All configuration and profile setup is now built in to the Do-more Designer software, so it's a snap to integrate with your other application logic. The original H2-CTRIO is also supported.
 • Read More about counting/timing.
 • Read More about motion control.

5. Expansion I/O

Do-more has two options for connecting additional I/O over Ethernet. Connect up to 16 I/O racks and/or GS drives to the built-in Ethernet port on the Do-more CPU (H2-DM1E). This 'Ethernet I/O' is auto-discovered and appears as native I/O to the CPU.

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Do-more also supports ERM/EBC I/O systems. Add up to 16 devices to each H2-ERM100 module installed in the local rack and configured with ERM Workbench.

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6. High-Performance Processor

The Do-more CPU is lightning fast (executing a 1k Boolean program in just 0.2ms) about 20x faster than the DL205 processors.

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7. FREE! Programming Software

The Do-more Designer software represents a clean break from the past (DirectSOFT)*. We listened to our customers to create a powerful, easy-to-use programming environment with all the features you expect from modern PLC programming software:

  • Flexible program management supports a mix of stage and ladder logic for a best-of-both-worlds approach that simplifies your code and makes troubleshooting easier
  • Support for up to 2,000 PID loops with auto-tuning AND instruction-specific monitoring windows for PID, RAMPSOAK, and High/Low ALARM instructions
  • Spreadsheet style Math instruction supports formulas, variables, nesting
  • "Axis Mode" for motion
  • Enhanced security
  • Strong data typing
  • and much more...

* This required that we drop support for the old handheld programmer (good riddance!) AND there isn't a conversion utility for legacy DirectSOFT ladder programs (sorry!) There was simply no way around it - and we thought you would like to know this fact up-front.

Do-more Top 11 Reasons Diagram

Built-in Simulation Tool

Built-in Simulation Tool The Do-more Designer software includes a hyper-accurate simulator, a "virtual PLC" on your PC. It's actually the very same code that executes inside the Do-more CPU!

  • Connect and download to it just like a physical PLC.
  • Simulates discrete and analog I/O with access to timers, counters, control bits, etc.
  • Use the simulator with "Trend View'"for outstanding visibility into your PID process.
  • Allows you to test and debug your logic without a PLC present!

8. Smarter Architecture

Do-more offers about nine times the data memory and four times the program memory of the DL205 processors, and you can allocate all that data memory the way you want it - no rigid, predefined blocks of wasted space!

Read More about Memory Management.

9. Powerful Control over Program Execution

Define execution order for your tasks and programs. Then give each a fixed timeslice, with smart "yield points" for logical pause locations. You have complete control over the order and timing of your PLC code.

Read more about Program Management.

10. Enhanced Troubleshooting Tools

Suspend tasks or programs and disable stages. Monitor program status bits. Trend data in multiple views. Turn on the Do-more Logger and log error messages right to the Network Message Viewer application on your PC. Do-more has all the troubleshooting tools you need to get your code up and running quickly and efficiently.

Read More about Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

11. Practical High-density Modules and ZipLink Connections

DL205 I/O modules offer a wide range of points per module including 4, 8, 12, 16 and 32-point modules. To help you wire them fast and inexpensively, ZIPLink quick connection cables and terminal blocks help you connect I/O modules to terminal blocks in seconds. These easily pay for themselves by reducing wiring costs. We also offer relay, fused and LED ZIPLink modules.

And Much More...

  • Decimal Addressing
  • Stage Programming
  • True Bumpless Run-time editing
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