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Do-more™ PLC: High-Speed I/O Modules



H2-CTRIO [$Call]

  • (4) 100 kHz inputs
  • (2) 20-25 kHz outputs

[specs PDF]



H2-CTRIO2 [$Call]

  • (4) 250 kHz inputs
  • (2) 20-250 kHz outputs

[specs PDF]

High-Speed Operations

The CTRIO and CTRIO2 modules are capable of a wide variety of high-speed input and output operations. Many of these operations take place on board the module, and are independent of the scan time of your PLC. With flexible 4-channel input and separate output channel design, these modules can satisfy high-speed counting, timing, and pulse catch operations, along with high-speed discrete output or several profile choices of pulse output operations. Not all combinations of input functions and output functions are possible within the resources of the module, but these examples are typical of the applications for these modules.

Motion Profiles & Axis Mode

Native support for the new H2-CTRIO2 take ease of use and power a step further, with fill-in-the-blank motion profiles and high-speed counter configuration right in the programming software.

Use the 'Axis Mode' instructions for dynamic positioning, jogging, and trapezoidal moves.


Input Functions:

  • Counter
  • Quad Counter
  • Pulse Catch
  • Edge Timer
  • Dual Edge Timer

More about High-Speed Input functions here.

Output Functions:

  • Pulse train - used for servo/stepper motion control. Configurable for CW/CCW or step and direction.
  • Discrete outputs - assigned to Counter/Timer input functions
  • Raw output - outputs controlled directly from the CPU interface program
  • Programmable limit switch (H2-CTRIO2 only)

More about Motion Control here.

Configuration On-board CPU

All configuration parameters and profiles are stored in the CPU module if a High Speed Module needs to be replaced, just drop it in and reboot. (There is no separate CTRIO Workbench application.)

Name Your Devices

Assign a logical name to each axis (or input), and use that name throughout your code!

Dedicated Instructions & Status Bits

Nineteen dedicated instructions greatly simplify and improve functionality of both the CTRIO modules. And use the automatically generated System Status Bits to keep tabs on your high speed operations. Over 30 bits, such as:

  • .AtPosition
  • .AtVelocity
  • .OutputActive
  • .OutputEnabled
  • .OutputVelocity
  • .OutputStalled
  • .ErrorCode
  • and many more

allow behind-the-scenes visibility and realtime updates.


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