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Do-more™ PLC: 30-days of FREE Online Training

That's Right...

Included with every Do-more H2 CPU (and each Starter Kit) you get a coupon for 30-days free online training with our official training partner: InterConnecting Automation (ICA). ICA's professional trainers have been teaching our customers about PLCs, Motors & Drives, and other automation topics for years. Recently they have been developing an extensive online video library on these topics and more. They offer an inexpensive monthly pass, where you can watch as many of the videos as you like - on your schedule. They even have a certificate program, where you watch the videos, then take tests to confirm your knowledge and earn the official certificate

ICA has over 100 videos dedicated to Do-more alone, and hundreds more on other topics and PLC families. Check out the full ICA course lineup here.

Here is a sample of one of ICA's Do-more training videos:


Watch a video about the free training offer

Included with every CPU:

High Speed Counting

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