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ZIPLink Pre-Wired PLC Connection Cables and Modules

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ZIPLink PLC wiring solution
Link Cables for easy PLC connections...We're not the first to make them, but we're the first to make them affordable!

ZIPLink Pre-Wired PLC Connection Cables and Modules

ZIPLink PLC cables help eliminate the tedious process of wiring PLC I/O to terminal blocks!

NOTE: (ZIPLink cables are not currently available for thermocouple, RTD, high-current or analog modules.)

Wiring programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be a real chore. You have to get wire, cut it, strip it, screw it to the PLC I/O module terminal, route it to a terminal strip, label it, stick it into a field terminal block, screw it down . . .

Or, you could remove the connector on a DirectLOGIC I/O module, snap one of the ZIPLink cables in its place, and snap the other end into the connector module mounted on DIN rail nearby. Not only is it faster, it looks a lot better and makes following wires and cables a piece of cake!

ZIPLink cables are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Some of our PLC cables are designed exclusively for DirectLOGIC PLCs, while others may be used with a variety of PLC brands.

ZIPLink cables are available in a number of pre-wired and ready-to-wire configurations that accommodate the majority of our most popular discrete input and output PLC I/O modules.

(NOTE: Analog and high current PLC I/O modules are NOT supported by ZIPLink PLC cables.)

ZIPLink connector modules

Got an RJ12 connector that you need to wire to?
Use our RJ12 connector module

Need just a couple of additional relays in your PLC system?
Try our single or four-channel relay socket modules

Having PLC problems due to transient noise generated from switching inductive loads?
Try our 8-channel transorb diode modules to clear up those problems fast

Cut your PLC wiring time down to minutes instead of hours!

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) I/O Connector Cables

ziplink cables
ZIPLink logoZIP
Link cables are available in a number of pre-wired and ready-to-wire configurations that accommodate the majority of our DirectLOGIC discrete I/O modules. Available model types include:

  • Standard cables and modules for: DL05/06, DL205, DL305, and DL405 PLCs.
    Supports 16 point, 32 point and 64 point I/O modules.

  • LED/ Sensor cables and modules for: Dl05/06, DL205, DL305, and DL405 16point, 32 point and 64 point input modules

  • Fuse/ Relay cables and modules for: DL305 16 channel I/O modules

  • Communication Adapters:
    Two communication adapters for DL06, D2-250-1, and D2-260 CPUs with the HD15pin port 2 The ZL-CMA15 converts the HD15pin port to a set of terminals for custom communication wiring. The ZL-CMA15L does the same thing but adds transmit and receive LED indication and communication line surege protection. These communication adapters plug directly to the port and doers not use any additional enclosure space.

  • Ready to Wire w/ Pigtail End:
    Many of our PLC I/O modules have a Ziplink cable with the "pigtail" option in 1 meter and 2 meter lengths. These pigtail cables allow even more flexibility when you need it.

  • Standard ZIPLink cable lengths:
    All Ziplinks cables come in standard 0.5 meter, 1.0 meter, and 2.0 meter lengths.

  • Standard Straight-through:
    Cable with 9-pin D-sub connectors on both ends, black. (2 m)
    Cable with 15-pin D-sub connectors on both ends, black. (2 m)
    Cable with 25-pin D-sub connectors on both ends, black. (2 m)
    Standard cable with two RJ12 connectors, black. (2 m)

NOTES: Analog and high current PLC I/O modules are not supported by ZIPLinks.
Use ZL-DN15TB-CBL cable only for Communication Module DN-15TB; Super VGA cables will not function correctly.

Look for this symbol online and in our FREE catalog.compatible with ZIPLinksIt indicates that the PLC modules you are referencing can be used with ZIPLinks


ZIPLink Product Selection Overview

  • ZIPLink cable/ module sets are available for almost all DirectLOGIC DL05, DL06, DL205, DL305 and DL405 PLC modules

  • Support is provided for 12 point, 16 point, 32 point and 64 point modules

  • Three cable lengths are offered: 0.5 meter, 1.0 meter, 2.0 meter

  • Feed-through connector modules (20 pole and 40 pole supports all of the DirectLogic family of PLCs)

  • Fuse connector modules for 16 point and 32 point I/O protect field devices

  • Relay connector modules for 16 point I/O allows your PLC to switch high-current loads

  • LED/ sensor connector modules for 16 point and 32 point I/O for status indication. Tri-level module simplifies sensor wiring.

  • 8-channel transorb diode modules for noise suppression, in 24 VDC and 120 VAC versions

  • D-subminiature connector modules available in male or female, for 9 pin, 15 pin and 25 pin D-sub communication cables

  • Feed-through connector modules for DL05 and DL06 PLC model I/O option cards

  • Ready-to-wire 20-conductor, 24-conductor and 40 conductor pigtail cables, 2 A max per conductor, 2 meter length
    Standard Cables with RJ12 connectors, crossover, and pigtail versions available - 2 meter length

Available ZIPLink modules include support for:

  • DirectLOGIC Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    Whether you want the ability to quickly wire simple point-to-point connections, or the ability to fuse, switch, or isolate your outputs, or the convenience of LED device status indication for monitoring your inputs, we have a ZIPLink module that is right for you. Most DIN rail mountable ZIPLink modules are available in your choice of sixteen and thiry-two point versions, in either 24 VDC or 110 VAC voltages.
  • Other PLC brands
    Use ZIPLink “pigtail” cables and connector modules to wire to most brands of PLCs or controllers.
    These cables are supplied with a “plug and play” connector on one end, and an unwired, color-coded wire bundle on the other end for user connection to the PLC or controller terminal block.
  • D-subminiature connectors
    D-subminiature modules provide convenient transition between devices with standard D-sub ports (such as operator interface panels) for longer distance connections. For PLCs, controllers, operator interfaces, or other devices utilizing D-subminiature connectors, we now have standard ZIPLink cables and connector modules in 9, 15, and 25 pin male/female configurations for fast, convenient wiring.


ZIPLink Module
Available modules include:

  • Feed-through PLC Connection Modules
    Feed-through modules provide low-cost and compact field wiring screw termination solutions for quickly connecting ZIPLink cables with PLCs.

  • Fuse Modules
    Fuse modules provide easily-replaceable fuse protection for PLC output devices. Fuses are included. The 16 point and 32 point fuse modules are supplied with replaceable fuses and in individual finger safe fuse holders. Use with DL05/ DL06/ DL205/ DL305/ DL405 PLCs.

  • DC-powered Relay Modules
    Our DC-powered relay modules provide electrical isolation between a PLC and an output device. Switch high current (10 A) loads with our 16-point 24 VDC relay module. Each plug-in relay channel offers a single pole, single throw (SPST) relay contact. Relays are included.

  • Relay Sockets
    Our single and four-channel 24 VDC and 120 VAC relay sockets are compatible with plug-in relays for switching high current (10 A) loads. Relays are included.


ZIPLink Accessories and Kits

The only accessories are relay replacements which are the ZL-RELAY-24X4 and the ZL-RELAY-120X4. These are 24vdc and 120vac replacement relays. 4 in a package.

  • LED Modules
    AC and DC LED/sensor modules provide simple and logical termination for 2-wire or 3-wire sensors or other devices. These modules offer visual LED indication of device input status for quick troubleshooting. The LED/ sensor modules are available in 24 VAC/VDC in 16-point and 32-point versions, and offer extra termination points for daisychaining multiple modules.

  • Communication Adapter Modules
    Communication adapter modules eliminate the hassle associated with connecting crimp or solder connectors to PLC communication ports. The communication adapters offer fast and convenient screw terminal connections compatible with the DL06, D2-250, and D2-260 CPUs, offers power, transmit, and receive LED indicators to simplify and speed diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  • D-sub Miniature Modules
    D-sub miniature modules are available in male and female, 9-pin, 15-pin or 25-pin versions. These connector modules provide a fast, convenient method of transitioning between devices with standard D-Sub ports and field wiring through the use of screw terminals. This also allows longer distance connections.
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor Modules and Stand alone relay modules
    AC and DC stand alone relay modules are available for all types of applications. Our transorb modules are 8-channel devices that suppress counterelectromotive force (CEMF) generated by switching inductive loads such as air solenoids, contactors, motor starters, interposing relays, etc., which can cause unexpected PLC system shutdown.

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