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Terminator I/O is the most practical distributed I/O system you can buy.

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Terminator Field I/O

Terminator Field I/O

Terminator Field I/O

Terminator Field I/O

Terminator Field I/O

Terminator Field I/O

Terminator I/O provides you with an industrial I/O system with remote I/O, distributed I/O and digital I/O module capabilities. It combines the I/O points with their field terminations into a modular package to save panel space and money. With Terminator I/O, you can use distributed I/O nodes close to field devices for faster and more efficient wiring and troubleshooting.

It was custom-designed for AutomationDirect by Koyo (the same people who designed the original GE Series One PLC), a trusted name in control technology since 1983.

  • Network interface modules supporting Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNET, MODBUS and Koyo remote I/O; some adapters include an on-board RS232 serial port.
  • Discrete and analog industrial I/O modules with modular terminal bases
  • Configuration flexibility by plugging together a network interface module with up to 16 I/O modules.
    Use local expansion for large I/O drops. No more confining I/O bases.
  • AC or DC power supplies. For high power systems, combine multiple supplies on a single I/O set.
  • Horizontal or vertical DIN rail mounting

Two sizes of terminal bases accomodate all I/O modules

  • Half-size bases for up to 8-point modules
  • Full-size bases for up to 16-point modules
  • Triple-stack terminal blocks are standard and multi-wire devices are easy to connect
  • Same bases for all I/O modules - AC, DC, and analog

Network interface modules for your favorite fieldbus

  • Ethernet - the "common sense network", 10BaseT
  • DeviceNET, MODBUS and Koyo remote I/O, and Profibus
  • All network modules include an on-board RS232 serial port, ideal for operator interfaces or other serial devices (except Profibus modules).
  • Ethernet modules even support connectivity to bar code readers

Power supplies: freedom of choice, freedom to expand

  • DC power supplies at affordable prices
  • AC versions
  • AC supplies include 24 VDC auxiliary supply for convenient field device wiring
  • Need more power for high-current devices or modules? ...
  • Just add another power supply before the next module in the system!

Discrete I/O with the features you need

  • 8-point or 16-point input and output modules (DC and AC inputs; DC, AC and relay outputs)
  • 8-point 5-36 VDC current sinking/ sourcing isolated output module
  • All DC input modules are sink/ source jumper configurable
  • Diagnostic LEDs for blown fuses and 24 VDC power on applicable modules
  • "Hot-swap" capability makes troubleshooting easy

Analog I/O modules at a low price per channel

  • 8-channel input modules, or choose a 16-channel output module
  • 0-20 mA/ 4-20 mA and unipolar and bipolar voltage models available
  • 14-channel thermocouple input module supports J, E, KE, R, S, T, B, N, and C types
  • 16-channel RTD input module supports Pt100, jPT100, Cu10, Cu25, and Pt1000
  • All analog ranges are software configurable - no jumpers required!
  • "Hot-swap" analog modules for fast system repair

Specialty I/O modules for your industrial control process

Terminator I/O High Speed Counter Module
8 DC sink/ source inputs 9-30 VDC, 4 isolated sink/ source DC outputs, 5-30 VDC, 1 A per point.

  • Inputs supported:
    2 quadrature encoder counters up to 100 KHz, or 4 single channel counters up to 100 KHz, and 4 high speed discrete inputs for Reset, Inhibit, or Capture.
  • Outputs supported:
    4 independently configurable high speed discrete outputs or 2 channels pulse output control, 20 Hz - 25 KHz per channel, pulse and direction or cw/ ccw pulses.
    NOTE: (Use with T1K-16B or T1K-16B-1 terminal base.)

Local expansion up to two additional rows!

  • Full backplane expansion through cables
  • Connect up to 16 modules across three total rows by plugging expansion cable from the right side of one module to the left side of the next - the system automatically recognizes the I/O!
  • Optional cable that includes 24 VDC pins maximizes your power supply capability

See information below for detailed system comparisons of Terminator I/O to other brands, including part numbers and individual pricing.

Price Check

Below is just a sample of what we have. Click here for a complete listing of parts and prices for this product family, or click here to download a PDF of our complete price list.
Note: All prices are given in US $.



T1H-EBC100 - Ethernet Base Controller [$Call]
T1K-DEVNETS - DeviceNET Base Controller [$Call]
T1H-PBC - Profibus base controller [$Call]
T1K-MODBUS - MODBUS RTU Base Controller [$Call]
T1K-01AC - AC Power Supply, 120/ 240 VAC [$Call]
T1K-16B - Full size terminal base, 3 row/ 48-pole screw clamp terminals, 12 AWG maximum [$Call]
T1K-16ND3 - 16-point 12-24 VDC current sinking/ sourcing input module.
(Use with T1K-16B or T1K-16B-1 terminal base.)
T1H-08TDS - 8-point 5-36 VDC current sinking/ sourcing isolated output module.
(Isolation requires use of T1K-16B or T1K-16B-1 terminal base)
T1F-08AD-1 - 8-channel analog input module [$Call]
T1F-16RTD - 16-channel analog RTD input module [$Call]

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