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Application: Applications with Analog and PID Control
Applications with Analog and PID Control

DirectLOGIC 205 Modular Programmable Logic Controller

Several bases & modules are available for the DL205 | Download DL205 Specs (pdf - 29.2 MB)

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Analog & PID Control PDF (756 KB)
Analog and PID control

  • 2-for-1 prices on Analog I/O
    Gives the DL205 a cost advantage on small and large I/O systems. Often, you can buy two of our modules for the price of a single Allen-Bradley CompactLogix module.
  • Analog I/O modules
    The DL205 offers 17 different analog modules to connect to almost any signal including 4-20ma, 0-5V, 0-10V, +/-5V, +/-10V, T/Cs, RTDs for devices such as pressure transmitters, proportional valves, AC drives, panel meters and more.
  • Built-in connectivity
    For operator interface, device networking, and ASCII communications. The D2-250-1 and D2-260 offer two built-in communication ports. Connect a text panel or touch panel to one port and a bar code reader or scale to the second port. The bottom port also supports networking protocols such as DirectNET and Modbus RTU master/slave.
  • C-more touch panels
    For a low cost window into the application. Features include factory symbol library, PID faceplates, recipe download objects, meters, trend graphs, bar graphs, thumbwheel switch objects, data logging and more.
  • Ethernet
    Supports high end computer systems for high speed HMI and supervisory control. The H2-ECOM100 offers 100 Mbit speed.
  • Built-in PID with auto-tune
    . . . .fill-in-the-chart alarms, ramp/soak, automatic loop scheduling. The D2-260 with 16 built-in PID loops, and D2-250-1 with four built-in PID loops, allow PID control with ease. The loop auto-tuning lets the CPU automatically determine near optimum loop settings.

User Application Stories

On/Off Sequential Control
Sequential Control PDF (941 KB)
Communication Intensive Applications
Communications PDF (756 KB)
Simple Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition PDF (764 KB)

Counting and/or Pulse Output Applications
Counter/Pulse PDF (731 KB)

Applications with Simple Stepper
or Servo Control

Stepper/Servo PDF (761 KB)

Control with Advanced Data handling
and Versatile Connectivity

WinPLC PDF (708 KB)









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