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DL05 micro PLC from AutomationDirect

Would a $Call micro PLC with incredible features solve your application's discrete and process control problems?

DirectLOGIC 05 Micro Programmable Logic Controller

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Several bases & modules are available for the DL05 | Download DL05 & 06 unit Specs (PDF)

Zoom in photo DL05The DL05 and the DL06 product lines are a family of micro PLCs designed to fit more applications than any other PLC family in their class.

Starting with the DL05 at 8 inputs/ 6 outputs, all the way up to the fully expanded 100 I/O DL06 PLC, these PLCs are a standard that can grow with the changing needs of your machine or process control applications.

Features include:

  • Eight inputs and six outputs (integrated), expandable to 30 I/O total
  • Six I/O models of AC, DC and relay I/O
  • 2 K program memory
  • 4 K data memory
  • Two communication ports
  • Supports networking for MODBUS RTU master/slave, a DeviceNET slave option module, and an Ethernet option module
  • Removable terminal block connectors
  • Six I/O configurations
  • DC-powered DD and DR models
  • 129 instructions, including four PID* loops
  • Powerful functions like FOR/ NEXT loops, subroutines, and drum sequencers
  • Removable terminal block

Four super-easy PID loops

PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) control: Control algorithm that is used to closely control processes such as temperature, mixture, position, and velocity.

The proportional portion takes care of the magnitude of the error. The derivative compensates for the rate of error change. The integral takes care of small errors over time.

The DL05 micro PLC comes with PID built right in.
While some of the traditional PLC companies require separate ladder instructions for each loop and for loop scheduling, we make it automatic.

  • Fill out a chart for alarms and ramp soak
  • Automatic loop scheduling
  • Programming software includes the loop tune screen with trending
  • Loop auto-tuning, which allows the CPU to automatically determine the near-optimum loop settings




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Use the DL05 programmable logic controller to:

  • Build a micro process monitor/ controller using the PID function and analog input option module. Add a local operator interface to set and view parameters.
  • Network distributed I/O nodes with local intelligence that can also communicate globally.
  • Use 10-30 VDC powered units in remote locations for data monitoring and control.

Networked DL05 units for low-cost machine or process control

The DL05 offers super-easy master/slave networking with no added cost besides the cabling.

For a network of more than two units, RS232/ RS422 converters must be used.

If you need more than the 14 discrete I/O in the DL05, simply connect to one or more units using one of the two communication ports.

MODBUS RTU, DirectNET and K-sequence protocols are supported so you can also connect to other PLCs. can install any option module (analog input, real-time clock, thermocouple input, RTD temperature input, DeviceNET slave, Profibus slave) in each of the DL05s on the network!

Remote Monitoring

Combine one of our AC- or DC-powered DL05 PLCs with a compatible modem.

The DL05 has two serial ports, with Port 2 settings being configurable to accommodate the most common modems.

This combination can really save you money on service calls, data acquisition, up-time and down-time trending and more.

High-speed counting and pulse outputs

Selected DL05 micro PLCs offer built-in high-speed input features (on units with DC inputs) and pulse output features (on units with DC outputs).

Use the DL05 PLC to solve a diverse range of positioning and high-speed machine control applications.

(NOTE: Only one high-speed I/O feature may be in use at one time. You cannot use a high-speed input and the pulse output at the same time.)

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